Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Project #2 Renie's Dollhouse Bookcase

I've loved these cute dollhouse bookshelves at Pottery Barn for a long time.

I've not loved the $400 + price tag. (They have taller ones for about $800)

But one day as I was sighing over the picture in the catalog, it struck me. I could totally make one of those things! Then I smartened up and I thought, "No! I can just buy a used bookshelf and with a few modifications, repurpose it into one of those things!"

So I bought this for $5 on Craig's List. It is incredibly solid and sound, and the perfect height.

I cut out some windows and doors, painted it, added a floor to, well, the floor, to cover the hole, added some trim, covered the back wall with beadboard to cover up some cracks in the wood, and added a roof and Voila! A dollhouse bookshelf. I stuck with basic stained wood trim so the piece can grow with her and match any room without needing another paint job.

She loves it and I have to admit, I think it's pretty fun too. The kids' only complaint is that Barbies can't stand in it. But it works well for Loving Family dolls, my original intention, and even Polly Pockets. And Barbies manage to squeeze in as well.

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merathon said...

awesome job on BOTH projects. seriously impressive! i think you're setting the bar high for NEXT year though!

Erin said...

i had considered doing this exact project several months ago for Sutton for Christmas! But with her huge kitchen there is just no room in her room for another big item. Your dollhouse turned out perfect! I love it!

Sarah said...

Good thinking. That is what my mom did for me. She did it with two small book cases that stacked on top of each other. Then she made walls that I could move in and out to make rooms the different sizes I wanted. It was really cheap and I loved it. It was defiantly the envy of my friends. :)