Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day Stuff

Goodness, it has been a while. It's not for lack of projects. I'm just too busy to blog lately, it seems. I thought I'd share a couple little items I did for our Valentine's Day Party.

First up is this glitter heart. I really liked some of the graphic hearts I was finding online this year. At the last minute I threw this one together.

I had this frame kicking around. It's one that I grabbed from my parents' basement last summer when us kids were helping them clear out and process tons of stuff. I cut out a rectangle from a cereal box and covered it with a piece of fabric cut from a drop cloth. I cut out a large heart from the other side of the cereal box, applied spray adhesive and dumped on glitter. When it dried I shook off the excess, sprayed again and applied more glitter. I repeated the process until it was covered to the extent I was looking for. Then I applied one more coat of spray adhesive to kind of seal the whole thing and keep it from shedding glitter. A little bit of jute twine around the circumference of the heart gave it a nice finished edge. I love how it turned out. Simple, but festive and a little bit glamour meets shabby.

Inspired by a cake made by Bakerella, I made this Box of Chocolates cake for our party.

Nowhere near as pretty as Bakerella's but I'm learning with each fondant project I try. So far, I'm learning it takes me 2 tries to get it right. Unfortunately, I don't always have the time or money for 2 tries, so they end up not as good as I know I'm capable of.

And lastly, the Valentine's I made for the kids' parties at school. I made the chocolate pops, but not enough for all three classes. Molding chocolate is a bit time-consuming. I bought a bag of conversation hearts lollipops to make up the difference.