Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Freshening up the Master Bath

Here's a project I've been picking away at all summer. Our master bathroom was nice before. Our house is not too old so nothing was terribly outdated or even worn out.

But I had been hating all the orangey oak cabinets in this place.

You may recall I painted our kitchen island to break up some of that oak expanse. Then I decided i would use the same chocolate brown on the bathroom cabinetry. My next complaint about the room was the boring paint color.

I am usually pretty happy with earthy tones, but I had always wanted a bathroom with a fresh, spa-like feel to it. Plus, one of my daughters had gotten into nail polish one day and when it spilled she wiped some of the excess on the walls. (She then proceeded to cover the spill on the floor with toilet paper and walk away. Like that's going to go unnoticed. But that's another story.)

So the walls needed a fresh coat of paint. I liked the shower curtain I had purchased and took the rest of the room colors from it.

I have also always wanted beadboard wainscoting in my bathroom, so that was top on my list of improvements. After a recent trip to Nova Scotia I decided to take the whole room in a beachy direction.



Let's talk accessories.

This painting over the toilet is one i did in high school. I always liked it so it got a spot in the room. I need to build a frame for it.

The beach sign i made from a driftwood board i found on the beach in Nova Scotia.

Everything in the apothecary jar was found in Nova Scotia.

The driftwood stick- also from NS.

On the back of the toilet is a bowl of NS seashells and a pile of drifted wood pieces awaiting hanging---if i can figure how to hang them.

The sparkly glass knobs are from Hobby Lobby,
The pulls are from Walmart (a package of 4 for $9),

The glass knob towel hooks are from Home Depot.

I have some photos i took in NS that I was going to print, frame, and hang in the room. Will that be too much going on? I'm thinking so. I'm also wondering if i should do a little distressing on the cabinets? That would make them a little more beachy and less formal, I'm thinking. I'm not sure yet if I'll replace the doors with white ones, or if I'll paint them white. I'm thinking I would add some molding to them if we just keep them.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall is my Fav

So fall is in the air. I LOVE fall. Like, big ol' heart LOOVE fall. Lincoln and I got married in the fall because of our mutual adoration for the season. I've been putting out the fall decor a little at a time, though I usually do it as soon as the kids are back in school.

This year I have felt like I had a lot of stuff I wanted to get done around the house before I got it out. So as I check something off my list I let myself do a little more. But I think it's time to just get it done now. As I was getting stuff out, I came across this banner I made last fall and I thought I'd share it here.

I used yummy textural items like felt, raffia, and twine.

The cutting and stitching was a little time consuming, but I love how it turned out.

This year I decided to display it in my mudroom on my storage bench- an antique Craig's List find. I love my bench. I was looking for a storage bench for the mudroom, but I didn't want something that looked like everybody else's mudroom storage benches. I fell in love with this old piece, repurposed from an old bed, I'm assuming. I think it had been stored in a barn or something, it was pretty dirty when I got it. But I love it and love that it's one of a kind.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bunkbeds are up...


This Should Not Have Taken Half The Day...

Whichever title you prefer.

This took lots of sweat. And frustration. But they are up.

Now, I wish I had the bedding, but I think that will be a Christmas gift.

I'd like to find it on ebay or Craigs List, but if not, then I'll get it right from Land of Nod.

Julia requested that this antique lamp come with her to the new room. What do you think? Leave the original finish or paint it?

Horses are the order for this room. More plans for that, including the bedding, obviously.

Now we need to put up some walls in the hallway outside their bedroom so it doesn't feel like they are living in the unfinished basement...even though they are.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We're getting there...

Since Thursday I have been painting walls,

having carpet installed,

painting bunk beds,

painting a light fixture,

installing a light fixture,

trying to assemble bunk beds, running to Farm and Fleet for new hardware for bunk beds, trying to assemble bunk beds, running to Walmart for new new hardware for bunk beds, trying to assemble bunk beds, giving up up on assembling bunk beds, eating peanut M&Ms.

I still have some paint touch ups to do and all the trim and molding, shelving in the closet, etc etc, but if I can get the right stinkin' hardware for the bunk beds, we'll get the girls moved in and keep plugging away at stuff once they are settled in a bit.