Monday, August 23, 2010

Room Progress

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Life has been absolutely insane since my last post. What a hectic summer. Between visitors and trips and this construction project, I'm swamped. But despite the insanity, I wouldn't change a thing. Wait, that's a lie. I would gladly go back and keep my husband with me in NY during my family's work week, rather than letting him come back to work. And I would pass on two of my kids getting pneumonia. I think I would just opt out of that completely.

This past week I have been frantically trying to get Julia's room taped and mudded before she arrives home. I wanted it to be painted so it would look like some serious progress had taken place. Because she won't be able to see the hours and hours I've put into this mudding process. This evening I finally finished the skim coat on the room. Unfortunately, she arrives tomorrow afternoon, and unless the sanding goes really well, I'm afraid there will be no paint on the walls.

Just to keep things interesting, I'm also trying to refinish a bunk bed I picked up for the girls from Craig's List and a pretty little chandelier I scored at Goodwill. I have a guy coming tomorrow to measure for carpet and a door order on hold at Menard's that we discovered we have to cancel because the opening is not large enough. My vision for the paint in the room is more involved than what i can slap up tomorrow, but if i could at least get it primed I think she would be pleased.

So here are a few photos from the process. I think they were taken during coat #1.

Being a giant comes in handy when mudding the ceiling.

I need to collapse into bed, but maybe I'll put one more coat of spray paint on that chandelier first...