Monday, November 22, 2010

A Real Closet

I FINALLY got around to installing a closet system in the girls' new closet last weekend. Since I moved them in they've only had a big ugly dresser in there with an overflowing basket on top of it. Oh, and a basket for shoes on the floor. This doesn't sound as bad as it truly was, and I don't have photos for proof. But trust me, it was a mess. The stupid thing about it is that I've had a ClosetMaid rack system sitting in an unopened box in my basement since we moved here. We bought it for our last house in NC and never installed it. I've known all along that I would use it in this room, but frankly, I was a little intimidated about getting started. Turns out, it wasn't that bad, with the exception of cutting down the wire shelves to size using a hacksaw. That was not fun, but it was doable. Basically, if you can use a tape measure, a drill, and a screwdriver, and of coarse, the hacksaw, you can do this. I'd rate it in the easy to moderate category of DIY for a beginner. I'm thrilled with how it turned out, though I couldn't get a very good picture. I'm very happy with all the shelf space since the room is small and I don't want dressers in here. This gives us plenty of room to hang dresses and shirts, with room still for baskets of jammies, piles of pants, a basket of belts and such, a small set of drawers for socks, panties, and tights, a hanging organizer for school outfits, and a hanging shoe organizer. There's even room for a big basket of purses and bags.

For some reason, blogger refuses to let me add any photos to this post. What's up with that?!

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merathon said...

you need to stop composing your posts in blogger and download Windows Live Writer to write your posts and then it publishes them to blogger! you'll never be frustrated again!