Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Girl Room to Guest Room

I have been given the green light from my husband to go ahead and redecorate pretty much the whole house. (Have I mentioned before how much I like that guy?!) I am starting in what is currently Kennedy's room. We will be moving her to a new room in the basement this summer (hopefully sooner than later), and I am going to turn her room into a guest room. Why am I starting the guest room first? Well, we recently were given a king size mattress set and metal bed frame. Given. It's in great condition. We put it in Kennedy's room since that will ultimately be the guest room. Then, I made plans for my niece and her two children to come visit. I'd really like to have the guest room done before they arrive. In 11 days. Sooooo.....

Here is the before picture:

I redid the room for Kennedy a couple years ago. It was a lovely little girl room. BUT...

I hate the oak trim in this house. I really really do. Personal preference. So I am starting by painting the trim white. I think this will really help with the limited natural light in this room. The trim paint is a nice shiny, reflective, glossy white.

I have already ordered bedding for the room. Since this is the first king size bed we have owned, we didn't have any king size bedding other than the threadbare sheets our friend gave us with the bed.

So trim is started, bedding is on its way, and I am totally excited to get this moving. Of course, I also need to get moving on Kennedy's new room in the basement so I should have plenty to keep me busy for the summer!

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