Monday, April 19, 2010

My Dream Home

Recently I purchased a copy of the magazine House Beautiful because I did not have the power to resist the images of this gorgeous Houston home. I enjoy and appreciate many various decorating styles, but without a doubt, this is the one that is the most me.

Just look at this beautiful entry. All of the wood and stone in this house in reclaimed. This is a brand new house made of antique materials. I think I would change out the doors for something similar but with windows.

It's like being in a castle. I like the play of light from the window here.

I'm pretty sure I could be a better cook in this kitchen. My favorite part? The fridge covered in zinc. I love how rustic it is.

And after cooking a fantastic meal in the kitchen, we could retire to this fabulous dining room. I've already posted about my love affair with this clay color. I think the chairs are a bit ornate for my taste. I would replace the dining set with something more casual, a farm table perhaps.

After dinner, I would curl up next to the fire with a good book. My favorite thing in this image? Those double doors in the background.

Who doesn't want a gorgeous grand staircase like this?

And those shutters make me swoon.

I love love love the shutters here. The chandelier and chair are just the right touch in this space.

And my very favorite image:

Seriously, I love everything about this so much it makes my heart ache. I kid you not.

You can click on the link for a few more photos I didn't include here.


Anonymous said...

wow! Amazing! I love the double doors in the LR as well. And the idea of using old materials for a new home is awesome! Hope you can enjoy something like this one day. You definitely deserve it. :)Thanks for sharing! Love it!

Molly, B. said...

If you EVER EVER EVER move into a house like this i want you to ADOPT ME okay?!!!!

Okay the one thing I could think of when I saw the thing about the double doors, was the line used in the deleted scene/bloopers on Pirates 2
You hear Jack in the background saying
"I've been thinking about putting in some french doors there, I like a bit of cross breeze."