Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall in a Flash

Somehow, fall has flown by-- and we didn't even pick grapes or buy apples! Actually, let's be honest, I know exactly what happened to our fall: SOCCER. The three oldest kids played soccer this fall, the oldest being on a traveling team. That equals practice on Monday nights, three practices on Thursday nights, and three soccer games on Saturdays, half of Kennedy's in other towns usually about an hour away. Which explains why we missed grape season this year. I'm very sad that I won't be able to make grape jam, especially considering it is my family's favorite and I made less strawberry and raspberry in anticipation of making more grape than usual. Now we'll probably run out of jam this year and have to resort to buying the store stuff.
Despite not being able to pick grapes, we still made our annual pilgrimage to Peck's Farm Market to pet the animals,

ride the train,

play around,

and admire the produce. Behold the harvest.

I'm hoping to still get my hands on a couple bushels of apples. We shall see.

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