Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guess what arrived!

I scored the Land of Nod quilt I wanted on Ebay! Lincoln about fell over when I told him I paid $100, but, BUT---that's including shipping. And a pillowcase and very cute curtains made from the sheets. The quilt alone retails for about $160.

So it really was a great deal. And everything is in pristine condition. I was worried about whether I had picked the right pink for this and it is perfect. And I had hoped that the diamonds on the wall would repeat the diamonds in the quilt nicely. Success! I love it.

I'm going to put in a little plug for The Land of Nod here. A couple years ago I purchased 2 Land of Nod quilts from a seller on Craigs List.

These USED quilts have been on my boys' beds since then and have held up amazingly well. Devon has had frequent bed-wetting issues and nosebleeds, so these quilts have been washed about a bazillion times since I purchased them and they still look great.

That's why I figured even if I had to pay retail for this quilt, it would be worth it.

I'm hoping to finally get to putting in some of the trim in this room this weekend. I had kind of reached a point where I just needed a break from this room. Now that I have the quilt and the curtains, I'm excited to get moving in there again. I think I'm going to use the curtains in place of a closet door. They are really too big for the window anyway. Hopefully soon I'll have some better quality photos up and more progress to show you!

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Jenn-Lee at Moments said...

wow! Looks so cute! I love Land of Nod. Especially their classic toys. The quilts are adorable!