Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Come and Gone...

I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone already! It goes by way too fast! I love the day after Christmas, though, I must admit. I have tons of leftover food to give my family, so I don't have to spend any time cooking. I don't have to wrap anything, come up with any last minute gifts, or think about crafting one more project before Christmas. Basically, I'm all done making Christmas and I can just sit around in my PJs enjoying the quiet. I did have to get up and get dressed today to go to church, but that just added to the joy of the day. I got to sing with the choir in the Christmas program, which is always enjoyable.

This is also a great time to reflect on the past year and look toward the coming one. My mind is brimming with ideas for the house. I recently found a house that seemed just perfect for us. I called my realtor and asked her to take us to see it. I started imagining all the wonderful things i would do with this amazing fixer-upper. Then, a couple days later, my realtor sent me a message telling me the house was already under contract. I was unbearably disappointed. I have watched four fantastic homes in the country come on and off the market in the last couple of years. This was almost more than I could take. But I have been trying to stop looking elsewhere, stop trying to force it. I realize that I need to try harder to be content where I am. But what that means for me is a lot of changes to the home I have. And so the wheels are turning. One of my big issues with this home is how generic it feels. I am hoping to make some changes that will make it feel a little more unique, a little more me. So that's what is on my mind. Here are some inspiration pictures.

From Nikki at Grand Design:

This bedroom is so light and bright, without being colorless. I love the look of all white rooms, but I know I'm not the kind of gal who can actually live in them. One of my goals is to lighten up our bedroom. It currently has a very similar color scheme, but many many shades darker of each color.

I've also been wanting to lighten my dining room. I love this inspiration for the table and chairs from Miss Mustard Seed.

As part of my dining room plan, I intend to paint my china cabinet. Ten or so years ago we purchased the hutch at a yard sale. I painted it in a crackle finish, back when crackle was all the rage. I LOVED it. However, I think it's time for the crackle to go and a cleaner, fresher finish to take its place.

I'm considering painting my piano as well, but that might be a bit ambitious. It just seems like the big brown elephant in the room. I want to paint my great room area, the open kitchen, dining, and living rooms. And, as if all that isn't enough, I'd like to put up some shelves in my laundry room, install a countertop, and replace the light fixture. Oh yeah, and come up with better storage for my mudroom. Oh, and did I mention painting all the trim? As in, throughout the whole house? That should keep me busy, eh? Obviously I won't get to all of it, but I'm excited to see what I can accomplish.

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