Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Symbols of Christmas Ornaments

Now that you've seen my trees, here's another craft I did this year. This is not an original idea. I got this from Gooseberry Patch Christmas. For four of the ornaments, I used stickers from Hobby Lobby that depicted the symbol.

But for two of them, the bunny and the fruit basket, I could not find stickers that worked with the style of the others, so I handpainted them. This was a project that I taught at our church's Super Saturday craft event. I did finally find stickers for all the symbols, but I'm kind of liking the handpainted ones and I'm considering redoing the others with paint as well.

The ornaments are frosted glass. I used paint-on textured snow with a little glitter sprinkled on top while it was wet for the snow around each picture. Gold highlights were added with a gold paint pen. I used regular cardstock tags for the labels, with handwritten words written with a black Sharpie and accented with the gold paint pen. I added in some gold snowflakes and some antiquing glaze, then softened it all with more snow paint and glitter.

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jo said...

These are so cool! I'm so sad to be missing this. I may just have to have you show me how. I'm feeling like our tree needs one of these.