Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Cakes

I completed a cake order today for one of the teachers at the high school. She called me last week with an order for two sheet cakes. She requested a lemon cake with a bridal shower theme and a chocolate cake with a farewell theme for the other. Today the teachers were having a combined farewell and bridal shower party for two fellow teachers.

I sometimes find it hard to be creative with a basic sheet cake. Sheet cakes were ordered for ease of cutting and serving, however, so that's what I worked with. I also would have preferred covering the cakes in fondant for a clean, smooth finish. But Buttercream frosting was ordered as well. I think the chocolate cake would have been better with chocolate frosting, but the color didn't work with my theme. If I could have covered it in fondant, we could have had the best of both worlds. But that's OK. I'm here to make what the customer wants!

The farewell cake was for the music teacher at the middle and high schools.

My design changed from more complex to rather simple when I faced a bit of a time crunch. I really love the tuxedo ruffles around the cake, however.

They turned out just how I envisioned.

I really love how the bridal shower cake turned out.

This was a fun one to play with. My favorite part is the beaded bodice on the dress and the border around the cake that looks like a string of pearls.

I worked all day on these cakes yesterday. I finally had them done and was just finishing up cleaning the kitchen, when I turned around to see the dog sticking her nose up to the table to chomp my bridal cake! I yelled, Lincoln yelled, and we both chased her down. I was initially so mad I couldn't see straight! I was so angry that she had ruined the pretty dress! Lincoln tried to be helpful and make some suggestions for how I could fix it, but I just needed to walk away from it for a while. I took an American Idol break (lamest finale since Jordin Sparks), then with fresh eyes and less spitting anger, I looked the cake over again. As you look at the cake, the dress hangs off the bottom left corner. She had bit that, but hadn't gotten in as far as the cake. I was able to cut off the fondant she had touched and scrape off the frosting she had breathed on, then I replaced and redesigned. I actually like the dress better with the added band detail on the hem.

Unfortunately, when you get down low and look from this angle, you can see that I should have trim more fondant away, or made the ruffle a little longer.

You don't notice this when you're just looking down at the cake, but I wish I would have noticed before. This could have been so much worse. If she had actually bit into the cake I think I might have had to send her packing!

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Erin said...

i would have killed the dog for sure!! nice save, molly. the cakes look awesome!