Monday, January 9, 2012

Playing Cat and Mouse

A little bit different kind of post tonight, but this IS called Pieces of Molly, and my kids/family are definitely pieces of me. Tonight for Family Home Evening we played Cat and Mouse. This is a game my parents played with us when we were little. My kids LOVE this game so I thought I'd take a couple pictures as we were playing and share them here because chances are the kids in your life will like to play this too.

So it's a simple concept. Two people play at a time. Both players put on a blindfold and begin at each end of the table.

You'll want to play at a large dining room table. One player is the cat, the other is the mouse. The cat is trying to catch the mouse, by moving around the table. Both players must keep both hands on the table in front of them at all times. It's important to be quiet and try to listen for the other player.

The great thing about this game (besides not requiring special equipment) is that it is as much fun to watch as it is to play.

We do a rotation so that each person plays two times in a row, the first time they are the cat, the second the mouse, then they rotate out.

Don't worry, because you're in stealth mode, it is rare to have any collisions. Usually your hands meet before anything else, or maybe your shoulders. That's why it's important to follow the rule about keeping your hands on the table.

Go play this with your kids! I promise you will all be giggling!

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