Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scary Basement Pictures

I worked hard this morning. Our never ending basement project has come to a point where we are thisclose to having the unfinished portion closed off from the rest of the basement. We have ordered a prehung door for the doorway, and yesterday I picked up some insulation. We plan to insulate the entire interior wall between the unfinished basement and the finished portion. Not only will it help keep things warmer, but it will also help keep the noise from the furnace and the water softener down a bit.

My project today was to clear, clean, and organize the storage space so that we can get to the wall to hang insulation. I know I can't possibly be the only one with a dumping ground, right? Right? Let me lay it out for you. Clothes. Lots of clothes. Furniture. Furniture that is waiting to be used, furniture that is junk but I have no way to get rid of until junk day. Patio furniture being stored for the winter. Building materials. Holiday decoration bins completely unorganized. Lots of stuff from Kennedy's room, waiting for her new room to be completed. And I'm not gonna lie. An occasional dog turd here or there. She's mostly house trained, but from time to time she will sneak down there and poo. It seems like there is always another dried out nugget showing up down there. Hopefully a door will put a stop to her secret potty habits.


So when things have to go to storage, and especially if I send them down with the kids, they usually just get chucked in here. It was really out of control. So I moved stuff around, consolidated, organized, swept, threw stuff away, picked up dog poo nuggets, etc.

Around noon I stopped to have lunch. I took the dog out to go potty and discovered that the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was warm and the breeze was minimal. I decided the basement could wait. After lunch Jesse and I went to the park to soak up some sunshine and get some fresh air in our lungs. Before we left I opened some windows so the house could get fresh air in its lungs as well. We were lucky that some of our friends were there too. Jesse ran around and I parked my BEhind in the SUNshine.

January in Wisconsin?! What?

The tree I was sitting under had huge buds on it- in January. That can't be good.

So I've decided that tonight I'm only posting before pictures, because I think I'm going to get some great afters tomorrow.

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