Friday, May 25, 2012

Every heart beats true...

I want to share a quick little project I did recently.  If you've been reading here for long, you know that the color scheme in my house has been gradually changing over to red, white, and blue.  Not the Americana burgandy, navy, and cream, but a much lighter and brighter version of the pallet.  My summer decor always leans toward the patriotic, so my house feels especially festive this year. 

Months ago I was given this cute little side table:

At first I thought it was going to be white.  I have been painting lots of furniture white lately, and I knew it would be OK, but I realized what I really wanted on this table was a pop of color.  Then it hit me:  It had to be shiny fire engine red. 

It is such a happy bright spot in the room.

Doesn't it look amazing next to my beeutiful couch?  The couch is a work in progress.  I promise it WILL look fabulous with the couch when all is said and done. 

I made a miniature rag rug to put under the lamp to keep it from scratching the table. 

And I placed some fun items on the shelves.
A patriotic childrens' book,

a basket of blocks I made for my oldest her first Christmas,

and this book from the early 1940s. 

Here, take a look inside.  It's so cool.

Our cat is an avid reader.

I can't wait to have my couch back together so you can get a look at the whole room.  I have company coming in a little over a month and my goal is to have it back together before then so we actually have a place to sit when they are here!  Of course, our other goal is to have the basement room finished as well.  Two huge projects.  It's nice to have a deadline, though, even if it is self-imposed.  Tomorrow we'll be working in the basement all day.  It's do or die time, folks.  It would give me great satisfaction to be able to post a picture of completed drywall tomorrow night.  'Til then...

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