Sunday, May 27, 2012

Progress, finally.

Oh boy, has this basement project taken forever!  The funny thing about it is that when we actually focus and just work on it, we can move along pretty quickly.  Unfortunately, we go for months at a time with no ambition for working on it.  We are currently at a point where we just are so sick of having this hanging over our heads and so ready to have the house on the market and so sick of drywall pieces all over the place and sick of not QUITE having a guest room, etc etc that we are just completely motivated to get. it. done.

So yesterday we devoted our entire day to it.  Since it is Memorial Day weekend the kids didn't have soccer games and there was nothing else scheduled to take our time.  It was just the kind of Saturday we needed.  We started at about 9:30 am and by 2:00, we were done hanging drywall.  We went out to lunch (and ice cream!) together to celebrate, then came home and started on the next stage: Cutting the metal corner beading, setting screws that didn't get set the first time around, and mudding and taping.  We are hoping to have the mudding and taping done by next Saturday. 

After that is done, we'll prime and paint, get carpet installed, and get the trim in.  We're also going to try our hand at staining concrete.  We really like the look of it so rather than put tile in the hallway, we thought we'd give that a try.  We will also be pulling out some of the carpet in the family room.  We want to remove the carpet from in front of the door and under the table .  That will get stain and an area rug. 

 In the picture below, the area to the right of the closet will be a utility closet.  It has the wiring for the cable and Dish (which we don't have hooked up) and other such stuff.

So basically, this month will be crazy busy.  But then, aren't they all? 

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