Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Decor

I am finally beginning to feel settled in our new (rental) home.  Most boxes are unpacked and we have found a bit of a routine.  It has taken some time to adjust to Lincoln leaving early in the morning to catch the ferry, getting the kids off to school on my own, following a bus schedule, getting 5 kids through homework each night, eating dinner at 7:15, getting all three girls to gymnastics twice a week, getting 3 kids to the church most Wednesday nights, volunteering in three classrooms, and counseling my children through this move.  But we are starting to get it under control.  In all the craziness, I felt like Halloween really sneaked up on me.  I didn't go all out with my Halloween decor this year, just put a few things out to get us in the spirit of it.  I ended up really liking the simplicity of it.  It kind of came down to black and white.

After feeling like fall had caught me unawares, for the first time I seriously considered going straight to Christmas decorations after Halloween.  I just didn't want Christmas to sneak up on me too.  I managed to resist the urge, however, and went ahead and put up the Thanksgiving stuff.


I am still worried about Christmas coming too fast, but I am trying to plan well and be on top of things.  I am always excited to get in the Christmas spirit!

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