Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinterest Project Review

I really like the idea of sharing Pinterest project hits or misses, so I thought I would start doing that here when I have tried a project/recipe/idea etc that I got from Pinterest.  If you would like to pin this item, please click on through to the original post and pin it from there.

The other night for dinner I made Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Syrup

Let me first say that these smelled absolutely divine as they were cooking. I could hardly wait to finish making them so I could finally try them.  I was not disappointed.  My kids ate them with regular syrup (I had a TON of leftover cinnamon syrup that today will become part of cinnamon rolls), but I think the cinnamon syrup is the only way to go with these.  And that is coming from someone who is very particular about only using pure maple syrup.  But with these pumpkiny delights, cinnamon syrup is perfect. I added some morsels in mine, to give them a bit more depth.  The kids loved the pancakes with chocolate chips, and I also did some with Craisins and some with dried pomegranate (very similar to the Craisins, but sweeter).  The only change I made to the batter was adding a bit more milk, simply because I prefer my pancakes a little flatter, not so puffy. 

So I count these as a big success.  My kids gobbled them up very quickly and I enjoyed them thoroughly! 

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