Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Built-in Bookshelves...

Remember months ago when I mentioned I was building shelves in our niche where we put our computer? I did it, but never posted about it. Here it is, despite the fact that the shelves are not at all staged.

(Why yes! That is Facebook on the computer.)

Notice the remnants of paper on that door to the right?

Julia decided to GLUE some signs to her door a while back. I should really finish removing those. Or rather, SHE should.

Despite very careful measuring, this was a beast to fit in here. You see, this area is narrower back near the doorways than it is in where the shelves are. I didn't think to measure out there. I even did a dry fit before assembling it, and of course, they fit, because I just held the pieces up where they would go. After I had it all glued and screwed together, I tried to slip it into place and couldn't get it in. I took off the trim around the doorways and it still wouldn't fit. Long story short, not once, but TWICE I had to take the entire unit apart, trim down the boards and reassemble. FRUSTRATING! But in the end, I'm pleased. And enough time has passed now that the I can talk about it.

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Lisa says: said...

It looks great, Molly! Now I want a tour of the rest of the house! :)...Really.