Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Thank You and Some Faves

This last week I was very flattered to receive an award from Tara at Just Devine Style.

Thank you, Tara, I am truly honored.

The rules of the Stylish Blogger Award are:
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
Share seven things about yourself.
Award seven recently discovered new blogs.
Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award.

Alrighty, folks. Are you ready for this?

1. I have a really hard time coming up with anything interesting to say about myself when I do this type of thing. (Is that cheating?!)

2. I am desperate to move to the country. (I am living vicariously through the Farmgirl of Critter Farm. See below.)

3. I hate mopping the floor. Every time I do it I think, "That's not that bad. If I would just do it each evening it would be simple." But I never do. I just hate it.

4. I am toying with the idea of running my first half marathon this year. The idea scares me and excites me at the same time.

5. My dream vacation is a week in the Maldives, sleeping in a hut over the Indian Ocean. This dream almost takes over my life in February in Wisconsin.

6. I have 5 surviving children, but I was pregnant 7 times in 8 years. Like rabbits, I tell ya.

7. I have a goal this year to really learn how to use my camera and take great photos for my blog.

I did it! OK, maybe I didn't come up with interesting things, but it was, indeed, seven things.

Here are my seven recently discovered blogs, and a confession. A couple of them aren't that recently discovered, but are good ones nonetheless. There are others that I discovered recently, but I wanted to keep it to folks who had less than 100 followers, so they would be more likely to be new to you.

You're Talking Too Much

On the Way To Critter Farm

Rosella's Lane

A Little Piece of Heaven


Luna's Baublebilities

Diapers and Divinity

These ladies are funny, inspirational, crafty, talented, and diverse. All of them are a good read, so go check them out. I promise there is something for everyone.

Thanks again, Tara!


Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

I have a hard time coming up with things about me too. I got a DSLR camera after Christmas and would love to get better photos too.
Have a Happy Day.

Virginia said...

Thanks, Sis! I love that you are blogging more again - I missed you during that slow phase. 'Course, I could always pick up the phone and call but that seems so hard for me lately. Probably because I have to go find the phone first and get to encounter the mess first hand - which is different from when it rings and you have to scramble frantically to find it and don't have time to process the mess. So I just look forward to your blog posts - which already have great photos, BTW.