Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Leftovers

Today I want to share a few things that I did for Valentine's Day but I never got around to highlighting until now.

First off, I gave you a sneak peek at the pom-poms I made for our party the other night. Here are some more pictures of those. I didn't manage to get a good picture of the table all dressed up, but these are pretty good.

Seriously, these pom-poms are so easy and fun. I used this tutorial, and just adjusted for size. The big ones are full sheets of tissue paper, like what you buy to put in a gift bag. The medium ones are 1/2 a sheet, and the small ones are 1/4. Pretty simple.

I also made these little little pom-poms for my tree out of cupcake liners. I used 5 for each one. Two opened just a little, two opened a little more, and 1 opened all the way. Then I used a needle and thread to do one stitch in and back, cutting the thread long for hanging. Again, easy.

This morning Jesse's preschool class had a Valentine's Party. I just wasn't feeling like baking, after doing three cakes, party desserts, and birthday cupcakes since the beginning of the month, and having a couple more cakes still to go before the end of the month. In fact, I put off planning anything until it was almost time to go. I figured I'd just stop at the store on my way. But I didn't really want to spend the time or money to stop, so I looked in the pantry to see what I had. Here's what I came up with:

Graham crackers with frosting and Valentine's sprinkles. Quick, easy, and still kind of cute!

You may have noticed my "Be Mine" blocks in my hutch. I made those a couple years ago with some scrap wood. It's all freehand. They have turned out to be one of my very favorite Valentine's decorations.

Another is my "Love" pennant style banner I made. Scrapbook paper, jute twine, and empty cereal boxes were used for this. They remind me a bit of conversation hearts.

And one last thing, remember when I bought my huge enamelware pitcher and I said it would look great with peonies in it this summer? I think these pom-poms look a lot like double cotton candy colored peonies and I was right. I love them in it!

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Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

Love the romantic feel of your decorations. So pretty! The cake you made for your friends daughter is so cute! You did a great job on it and the zebra stripes.
I gave you an award if you would like to check it out you can do so here http://justdevinestyle.blogspot.com/2011/02/award-for-me.html