Thursday, March 1, 2012

Farmhouse Bathroom

I am working on transforming the kids'/guest bathroom. I hate that the kids' bathroom is also the guest bathroom. I wonder if we'll ever get around to finishing a bathroom in the basement? That would be nice. But I digress...

A while ago I painted the bathroom and installed board and batten, but I never got a round to the finishing touches because, well, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Enter my new-found realization of my love of the farmhouse look. I have known for a long long time that I wanted to frame out the builder grade mirror, but I haven't known how to attack it. I have been worried about the mirror clips. I just wasn't sure how to work around them. But then I got the idea to use some of the reclaimed barn boards I have. It worked out well because the boards are tongue and groove. That meant that I had a little piece of the board sticking out, creating a lip to cover the mirror clips.

So today I bring you the mirror.



I love it. And I'm not as afraid of those mirror clips anymore, so maybe I can tackle the mirror in the master bath.

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Crafty Cousins said...

Oh goodness! I absolutely love it! We're currently redoing our kids' bathroom, too. I am in love with your "close, flush, wash" sign!