Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Farmhouse Bunting

Back in my post about transforming my dining room, I mentioned a few details I am working on. I showed you the quilt top I've made to give you an idea about the fabric and colors I want to bring in to the room.

If anyone follows me on Pinterest, you know I am absolutely in love with bunting. I just had to make one to liven up this space.

The white fabric with little flowers on it is one of my Mom's old maternity shirts. The blue gingham and the red calico are fun vintage farmhouse style fabrics.

I'd like to keep doing some cute, fun projects like this, but we are trying to get our house ready to put on the market and there are lots of other things that should probably be done first. I am currently working on the master bedroom. It needed to have the window sashes and cases scrubbed and painted and a new paint color on the walls. I hope to have that wrapped up this week and I'll share it here.

We are still plugging away at the room in the basement. We have a door to install down there as well. The entire house needs a good scrubbing and the playroom/craft room/dungeon needs to be completely gone through and piles of stuff need to be completely removed from it. I guess my fun projects will have to wait. (Furniture waiting to be painted, a chair to be upholstered, a rug to be crocheted, etc etc.) My current thought is to just get all the mundane things out of the way as quickly as possible so I can start doing the fun stuff.

Know anyone that wants to buy a house in Wisconsin? Send them my way!

***Edit- We are not planning to leave the area. We are just hoping to sell our house in town (close to schools! close to Lands End Corporate office! great neighborhood!) to move out to the country. We'd like some acreage and some horses.)


merathon said...

i guess i missed something. . . WHY are you guys moving?

Jenn Lee said...

Oh I so hope you can find a home of your dreams! Good luck! The bunting is so cute I pinned it.